The Royal Wedding 2018 – 5 Things to take away from the Megan – Prince Harry Royal Wedding

Photo Credit: Getty Images

My entire Instagram feed is overflowing with the images from the Megan – Prince Harry Royal Wedding. Millions of people from across the world had involved themselves in the royal nuptials through different media and somehow, felt a part of it, too. The ceremony of the couple shows happiness, blushes, little Princess Charlotte’s innocence (this baby completely stole the show) and so many more things that fed our commoner souls.  So, while the new Duke and Dutchess of Sussex embark upon a new chapter in their life, let us look at a few things which we can take away from the Royal Wedding.

1. Leave your bad past behind and work hard. Happiness will find you.

Megan Markle has had her fair share of low times in the past. As a child of divorce, she was pretty much single parented by her mother. As a biracial child (her mom is black and her dad, white), Megan often faced racial discrimination in her childhood when her mother was assumed to be her nanny. She has also faced racial discrimination in her career. She was married before and had a divorce two years into the marriage. Also, Prince Harry’s life may look like it was completely perfect, but he’s had to go through some horrible times, too. He had spoken about the death of his mother, Princess Diana for the first time during the release of the documentary on her life.

It is not always easy to take a few steps in the direction of what you want to achieve, especially when times were tough for you in the past. Work hard and you’ll make it through it.

2. You’ll find your Prince/Princess, or you won’t. Single or not, you’ll be happy anyway.

So, Megan found her Prince and Prince Harry found his Princess (not officially her title), had a fairytale wedding and they’re starting their happily ever after. If you’ve found your better-half, maintain respect for each other, cherish each other and be happy. If you’re not, it’s probably time to move on. If you’re still looking for him/her, do that, but be happy with yourself as well. Don’t let your happiness depend on the presence of a potential someone in your life. Also, be happy in your own skin. Single or not, try to be content with your life.

3. Grand weddings are great, but so are normal weddings. 

Yes, this is 100 percent true. Even if it is the court marriage type. While grand weddings like this Royal Wedding are breathtaking to watch, people must also understand that a happy married life does not need a wedding to be grand. It just needs two (unrelated) individuals who love each other. Really, it’s pretty much what’s needed.

4. Be the change you want to make.

Megan officially is the first person of colour in the British royal family. She is an advocate of women’s rights and frequently speaks about the racism in the world. The marriage of a British Prince to a biracial woman was celebrated in the form of her wedding and her involvement in this progression is amazing.

There may be a lot of things we may want to change about this world, but how often do we initiate the change? We as human beings ought to do that more.

5. Last, but not the least – Live life royal size, but that does not mean in terms of money.

Watching the Megan – Prince Harry Royal wedding may have brought up the desire to live a royal life in the minds of many. And you can live royally, too. Have a royal sense of humour, humanity, love, compassion and joy. You really don’t need to belong to a royal family to be happy.

With that, let’s wish the newlyweds a fairytale happy ever after.

Photo credit: Getty Images


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